December 11, 2012

France Taxes Americans! Dick Morris Video

December 9, 2012

Despite Tax Increase, California State Revenues In Freefall

Californiamap SC Despite Tax Increase, California State Revenues in Freefall

California State Controller John Chiang has announced that total state revenue for the month of November 2012 fell $806.8 million, or 10.8%, below budget.

Democrats thought they could hammer “the rich” by convincing voters to pass Proposition 30 to create the highest state income tax in the nation. But it now appears that high income earners have already “voted with their feet” by moving themselves and their businesses out of state, resulting in over $1 billion shortfall in corporate and income taxes last month and the beginning of a new financial crisis. Passage of Proposition 30 set off euphoria and expectations of higher spending for public employees. The California Teachers’ Association (CTA) trumpeted: ”California students and working families won a clear victory today as voters clearly demonstrated their willingness to invest in our public schools and colleges and also rejected a deceptive ballot measure aimed at silencing educators, other workers and their unions.”  More…

December 8, 2012

Conservatives: Read and Learn

How Romney Was Out-Organized By Obama

December 7, 2012 By 3 Comments

Romney Obama 3 SC How Romney Was Out Organized by Obama

Jeremy Bird, the National Field Director of Obama for America (OFA), said on Tuesday that Obama’s winning coalition on November 6 was the result of “the strongest grassroots organization in the history of American presidential politics.” OFA had more than twice as many local offices as Republican Mitt Romney in the targeted swing states, he said. 

In those targeted states, Bird said, OFA had 631 offices, compared to only 282 for Romney.  More…

December 7, 2012

December 7: Day of Infamy; The History of Pearl Harbor! Dick Morris Video

December 7, 2012

UN-Democratic United Nation Admits Palestine! Dick Morris Video

December 6, 2012

Same Old Politics

Conservatives Speak Out On House Committee Purge

December 6, 2012

NSA Whistleblower: ‘Everyone In U.S. Under Virtual Surveillance’ (video)

The FBI records the emails of nearly all US citizens, including members of Congress, according to NSA whistleblower William Binney. In an interview with RT, he warned that the government can use this information against anyone. This is what we get for sacrificing our liberty in the name of security, largely during the Bush administration (and of course continued by the hypocrite-in-chief Obama who campaigned on rolling back the surveillance state.)

From WesternJournalismCenter

December 5, 2012

No Dams in Water Bond?

It didn’t take long for California’s Democrat super majority to begin their reconstruction of the $11B Water Bond.  In the article below Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg says Democrats are now “free to rewrite an $11 billion water bond set to go before voters in 2014.”  According to the article “Republicans had insisted on including the possibility of building new dams when the bipartisan package was approved by lawmakers in 2009, while Democrats generally favored alternatives such as cleaning up contaminated groundwater and increasing conservation efforts.”

Did you know California has spent $18.7 billion on five water bonds since 2000. These bonds funded mostly open space acquisitions and landscaping projects that captured no new water and built no new reservoirs.  We will now apparently spend another $11B and still have no new water and now new reservoirs.  More… 

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December 4, 2012

BREAKING! Two Huge Announcements On BHO’S Eligibility!

December 2, 2012

California’s Future

California’s Road to Perdition

By Elise Cooper


California was once the envy of everyone.   But this promised land is now being controlled by a super-majority of leftists, and the liberal, pro-union Democrats have only one answer to California’s woes: to raise taxes.  With that in mind, American Thinker asked California representatives if, after the 2012 election, Republicans become an archaic party in this state.  Read more:

December 1, 2012

This could happen to your city — maybe it already has!

Other people’s money

In an astonishing display of arrogance, Murrieta’s City Council has again thumbed its nose at taxpayers by ignoring a cap on public pay.

In 2010, more than two-thirds of Murrieta voters passed Measure E, which capped the total compensation of top administrators at 2.5 times the median family or household income in the city. The measure’s easy passage came after news broke that the city of Bell’s council was paying its city manager $800,000 a year and secretly raising property taxes to fund high salaries for a host of city officials.  More . . .

December 1, 2012

Crazifornia: Three ‘crappy’ regulatory battles

Nov. 30, 2012/By Laer Pearce

For a lot of very good reasons, California’s environmental regulators have earned a reputation for being, well, crappy to the rest of us. Three ongoing California regulatory battles over poop reinforce their already well-deserved reputation.  More…

December 1, 2012

Californians fleeing to Mexico

Nov. 30, 2012/By Chriss Street

On Tuesday, President Obama met with the newly elected president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto.  While the press focused on the Administration’s talking points for discussions on a wide range of issues from energy to climate change, the real concern is that the Mexican economy is far outperforming the U.S. economy and the new immigration concern is increasingly from Americans illegally moving to Mexico.

Nowhere is this trend more challenging than in California, which was just awarded the booby prize by 24/7 Wall Street survey, as the “Worst Run State” in the United States.  The state has:  Read more . . .

December 1, 2012

Walter E Williams – ObamaCare Nullification (video)

November 30, 2012

Krauthammer: Obama’s Trying To Destroy Republicans (video)

November 30, 2012

Republican Suckers

November 29, 2012 By GOP SC Republican Suckers

Republicans had better learn from history — and from Ronald Reagan’s mistake.


President Obama and his fellow big-spenders in Congress are promising that if they get higher tax rates today, they’ll make even higher spending cuts tomorrow.

It’s an old sucker’s game. Republicans — and the rest of the country — should know it by now because for three decades, we’ve all been suckers.

If history is our guide, and Republicans in Congress don’t grow a spine, by this time next year we’ll have higher taxes, higher spending, more debt, and a bigger government.

Twice before, Republicans have been fooled into playing the Democrats’ con game.

It happened to my father early in his first term when he sought to close a growing federal deficit caused by the deep economic recession. He believed that Democrats in Congress would keep their pledge to make $3 in future spending cuts for every $1 in immediate tax increases.  More…

November 30, 2012


November 30, 2012

Legislators Must Oppose a Carbon Tax

    One of the most disturbing pieces of news has been the way some Republicans in Congress have gone wobbly on the greatest hoax of the modern era, global warming or climate change or whatever other name is being applied to it as the effort to impose an insane tax on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is getting a push.

Let’s briefly examine the facts:  Read . . .

November 29, 2012

Pay attention to school district bond issues

California school districts face huge debt on risky bonds

About 200 districts have borrowed billions of dollars using so-called capital appreciation bonds. Districts may have to pay 10 to 20 times the amount borrowed.

Newport Harbor High SchoolNewport Harbor High School in Newport Beach is part of the Newport Mesa School District, which issued $83 million in long-term notes in May 2011. (Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times / November 28, 2012)
By Dan Weikel, Los Angeles Times/November 28, 2012, 5:45 p.m.

Two hundred school districts across California have borrowed billions of dollars using a costly and risky form of financing that has saddled them with staggering debt, according to a Times analysis.

Schools and community colleges have turned increasingly to so-called capital appreciation bonds in the economic downturn, which depressed property values and made it harder for districts to raise money for new classrooms, auditoriums and sports facilities.

Unlike conventional shorter-term bonds that require payments to begin immediately, this type of borrowing lets districts postpone the start of payments for decades. Some districts are gambling the economic picture will improve in the decades ahead, with local tax collections increasingly enough to repay the notes.  More…

November 29, 2012

PG&E misleads on rate increases


Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 of two. Part 1 is here

Nov. 27, 2012/By Katy Grimes

PG&E has openly misled about rate increases. In February 2011, PG&E announced the utility expected its electric rate to remain steady into 2011. Then it was revealed that PG&E’s 2011-2013 General Rate Case would bring more rate increases.

As I wrote in February, “The game was clever: While decreasing the rates by 0.8 percent on January 1, 2011, and increasing rates again by 1.5 percent on March 1, the net result was an increase of 0.7 percent. PG&E got its rate increase.”

Every three years, General Rate Cases provide the California Public Utilities Commission a chance to perform an exhaustive review of utility company revenues, expenses, and investments into utility infrastructure.

And every three years, PG&E requests rate increases, and the CPUC approves them.  More…

November 28, 2012

World News – Grover Norquist We need revenue through growth, not taxes (video)

November 28, 2012

Enormous Ugly Fiscal Bill before end of year (video)

November 28, 2012

Where Is Darrell Issa? (video)


November 28, 2012

Money Losing its Political Power! Dick Morris Video

November 27, 2012

Did Obama REALLY have an Absentee Ballot? (video)

Crooked Politics: Obama Lost in Every State With Photo ID Law

| November 7, 2012 |
Was the election stolen? Remember all those lawsuits by Democrats demanding that any voter identification laws be repealed. Well, now we know why they filed them. They needed to steal the vote in certain key states so that Obama could be reelected.  Read on . . .