Newtown the Latest Example of Media Overkill

I have been a resident of Newtown for over 30 years, save for a few years in the 1990s. On behalf of all us, I beg the media: Please go away. The healing will begin, but not until the news trucks and reporters shoving microphones in our faces go away.…»

The impulse to exploit a school shooting remains an irresistible temptation for our friends on the left.…»
Do the “we know best” government bureaucrats who birthed ObamaCare think doctors will simply stay still in the wake of this beast?…»
When an event such as the Newtown Massacre occurs, we are told how to speak with our children to prevent traumatizing them. But it is we, the adults, who are drinking of the soporific of constant review, reformulation, and rehash to sooth our troubled souls. …»
Trying to persuade establishment Republicans that he’s serious about what they’re serious about: playing the Democrats’ game, somewhat, by addressing as important an issue that is a straw man’s straw man.…»
Those seeking the “root causes” of the massacre at Sandy Hook need to look deeper than simple calls for gun control will allow.…»
Which is the greatest priority in public education, teaching our children, or fulfilling a teacher’s selfish interests? …»