New Tax for Californians?


by Stephen Frank on 12/25/2012 ·

My good friend Tom Elias is a liberal—but an honest one. He can call out a bad tax when he see’s it.  The “parcel tax” is a bad one.  Folks who do not own property—and are economic illiterates—think it is a free tax—a tax on someone else.  Of course, the landlord that pays a parcel tax passes it on to the tenants via higher rent.  The dolts who voted to have others pay higher taxes are the one’s harmed.

Now the Democrats want to make it easier to raise taxes—and harm even more people.

“Why are parcel taxes unfair? Because they have nothing to do with the value or use of any particular property. Parcel taxes almost always assess owners an identical sum for each property they possess. That means the tax on a small one- or two-bedroom cottage is identical to the levy on a luxury hotel or a large shopping mall. The owner of a 33,000 square foot mansion pays the same as the owner of a property one-twentieth as large.”

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